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Everything Starts Somewhere

Everything comes from somewhere.  From some small fraction of a thought.  Sometimes things are just sitting in front of you and you don’t realize it could become something until it just becomes. Last week I was sitting at my normal break spot, by a large window with a great view.  While sitting there I noticed … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge:Resolved

After a few years I finally realized the thing holding me back was myself. Something I never thought I would say–but it is a reality I had to face. I had stopped allowing myself to do all things fun. This year as a resolution I decided to force myself to explore places I had never … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

I am thankful for family. Grateful that every year to this day I have been able to spend the Wednesday night before thanksgiving at my grandmothers house preparing the turkey. Glad that the next morning when I wake up, nearly at 6am to begin preparing the food, that we are all there, to work together. … Continue reading

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The Life of a Photographer and Then Some

The Life of a Photographer and Then Some

It is days like these when home feels far away.

Five hour classes are long for many but a 10 hour day, hardly a lunch break and an intense critique after having spent most of your waking hours in a digital lab color correcting prints is intense. As much as I can stand lugging equipment around shoot after shoot–slung over my left shoulder, personal bag strapped across my torso, tripod clutched tight underneath my right arm–it’s tiring. As much as I love it I most of the time fail to even realize how much time I am putting into these projects. I fail to remember that the day before yesterday I was in a naturally lit room shooting portraits of a woman in her home environment. I forget sometimes that on that same day I dragged my equipment back to my apartment and then ran over to the labs to scan everything for hours. My memory fails me sometimes, neglecting to remind me that yesterday after work I grabbed dinner and then once again sat, for what felt like 15 minutes: but was really about 5 hours–color correcting.

I forget sometimes how much work I put into these things and how much I try. So today like me, I hope all of you can step back and give yourselves a break. Grab a cup of tea or a hot co-coa and just relax.

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