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Yesterdays Photoshoot

Yesterday I had a photo shoot with someone I have never taken pictures of before.  It was a little weird at first.  I go into shoots sort of imagining something.  On good shoots I’ll come out with something even better that what I was trying for. It always seems to depend on the model and the connection … Continue reading

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Everything that’s ahead

Streaming sunlight shines through her window.  She’s content.  Breathing slower now.  It’s been a few years but she’s finally gotten somewhere.  Crying, used to be a thing for her.  A routine of about an hour where she’d walk herself into the bathroom sit on the floor next to the sink and cry.  It was good … Continue reading

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Winter is Coming: So you probably need a cowl!!

I recently ordered this Cowl off of Etsy and I love it!! I wear scarves all the time and have yet to find one that I don’t have to wrap around multiple times to keep me warm. This cowl is the best invention yet!! Not to mention that the young lady who handmade these really … Continue reading

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Today–But Probably Just For Now.

Some days its just nice to sit and listen to music.  Really–listen to it.  Put in your headphones and turn up the volume, just enough, so that you can hear each instrument: no outside noise to invade your thoughts. There are days when lyrics mean a lot to me–my mind fills with thoughts of what … Continue reading