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Metakingpics Camera_Sunset

It is the best feeling to be sitting on a breezy porch in North Carolina this morning, letting the salty morning air fill my lungs while I prepare for a 25 Year Anniversary Photo Session later on tonight.  I have not only filled my summer up with Engagement & Head Shot Sessions but I now have a lovely anniversary session on the beach this afternoon along with a Family Portrait Session booked for today.  The Saturday I get back home I plan on regrouping by editing and posting some of the photos from these shoots onto my website.  Monday Morning is back to work after a long summer of relaxing~I will once again be busy from 8:15am to 6:15pm five days a week.  This year however I plan on booking Sessions at least one every weekend if not two.  I already have Saturday August 29th full~with Head Shots in the morning and a Maternity Shoot following right after.  It feels good to know that I am now closer to the place I want myself to be when it comes to my business & shooting more consistently.  Something else that made my morning aside from the breezy ocean air was receiving an email saying I can hang some of my photographs in a Coffee shop around the Corner from my house in February of 2016!!  Every little thing counts.  My next step is organizing my own art show!! For now however it feels great to just be inspired.

Here is the link to my website.  Check it out!!


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