short story

Strength Through Photography

This has possibly been the most productive summer, in relation to my business and photography, that I’ve had even compared to the summers I spent between semesters at college.  While in school I had photo shoots literally everyday including weekends, if there was no shoot scheduled I’d sit in a dark photo lab spotting dust, color correcting, editing, printing, tweaking, reprinting, recolor correcting, retweaking, reprinting 20 images if not more a week.  That was fulfilling and inspiring and critiques were fulfilling and inspiring.  You’d see your large prints up on a wall, get feed back look at new artists, get reinspired (weekly if not daily) shoot, edit, print again.  It was great!! But there is something about the shoots I’ve been doing lately and the fact that they are all self motivated rather than grade motivated that makes them that much better.  While the photo shoots I did while in school were of images I wanted to take or of subjects I wanted to shoot, there was still something about them that didn’t feel fully freeing.  Now however I feel free, I feel strong, I am self motivated, happy, focused and on a roll!!  I have gone out to shoot more than once a week, I’ve been editing and although I haven’t had a chance to get back into the printing yet, the experience of photographing multiple different people and being back in front of a large Mac screen zoomed in on someones face spotting is a wonderful feeling.  These are screen captures of my website and my two most recent shoots.  Check them out!!

inez charlotte


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