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Engagement_Me CameraHands

I love shooting.  This summer has been a GREAT time for pulling out my camera and truly exploring what I want to do with it. Most recently I have begun to photograph engagement shoots.  It may be one of the most pleasing things I’ve done for myself since I graduated school, aside from buying my 5D Mark II and then of course setting up my new website!! I have never felt so focused and so sure about what I was supposed to do.  I took what some may call 3/4 ths of a year hiatus from shooting to work at a bilingual elementary school with Special Ed children.  What many do not see however is that I never stopped shooting–even when my camera wasn’t in hand, I saw pictures–everywhere.  Not only that but I truly loved working with those kids.  That job has helped me not only find a different more grown up part of myself, but also has helped me start my business, something I can say I am truly proud of.  I love the experience I get from meeting different couples, full of love and taking their portrait together.  The feeling of spending an entire day photographing people and spending days post-shoot editing those same photographs.  I plan to waste no part of this summer.  My next step is writing up personalized contracts with my logo on them, receiving my business cards in the mail, lining up more shoots, continuously updating my website, finally rewarding myself by buying photoshop CS6 and Adobe Bridge and eventually buying a second lens.  If you would like to see what I’ve been working on check out my website!!  SaharaJadePhotography.Com


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