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Everything that’s ahead

Streaming sunlight shines through her window.  She’s content.  Breathing slower now.  It’s been a few years but she’s finally gotten somewhere.  Crying, used to be a thing for her.  A routine of about an hour where she’d walk herself into the bathroom sit on the floor next to the sink and cry.  It was good for her–but what’s better now, is she doesn’t feel like she has to do that.  Sometimes, she does feel a small pit in her stomach–one that makes her remember.  In those moments she now breaths–allows herself to remember her loved ones presence.  She thinks positively of what the future will bring.  She realizes now she wasn’t ready and taking her dear one, was God’s way of showing her that.   She is focused, 25 is not old.  Finally she has allowed herself to see, how many years there are in front of her.  She wants to go out dancing every night, come hung over to work every once in a while, travel and just allow her twenties to truly be carefree.  She feels like her self again and that’s all she wanted.  So now sitting at her desk, she smiles, breaths deeply and get’s ready for everything that’s ahead.


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