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Today–But Probably Just For Now.

Some days its just nice to sit and listen to music.  Really–listen to it.  Put in your headphones and turn up the volume, just enough, so that you can hear each instrument: no outside noise to invade your thoughts.

There are days when lyrics mean a lot to me–my mind fills with thoughts of what the song means–to me.  Today is one of the days when all I hear is the sound: the sound a singers voice makes–the sound of the drum or guitar or bass. I listen to the sax in old eighties songs, to Sade.  I listen to the playful Saxophonist in Louis Prima’s songs mimicking his every lyric with a note.  I listen to the soothing sounds of Stanley Turrentine playing the song “Sunny”–I want to dance.  I want to “Sway” (Louis Prima), “Cheek to Cheek” (Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald) with a man–with the boy I love.  I want him to hold me close and just move me.  Today, all I want to listen to is Lianne La Havas’s “They Could be Wrong”, Bossa Nova and “Ques reste-t-il de nos amours” (Stacey Kent). Today I just want to be taken away by music–so I’m going to let myself be.  Maybe just for now I need a break.  Maybe just for now I’ll listen and probably tomorrow let myself sink in–to something else.


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