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Don’t Torture Your Body. Reward it!

Don't Torture Your Body. Reward it!

On occasion it’s better to let your thoughts slow and allow your body time to unbend.

Some days as much as one feels they must do something–they have got to remember: lists and chores only “have” to be done because ‘people’ have made them a priority. Why not make it a priority to allow yourself just a few minutes of relaxation. Take a short walk to your favorite bakery. Take an extra 30 minutes on your lunch break to eat with a friend. At work close your eyes–even for those five slow seconds you are allowing your mind to rest and letting your computer-staring eyes relax for a minute. Take a deep breath–even if you don’t have time today–give yourself time tomorrow or the next day.

As much as you believe in work, or spending time with your family, or doing things for school–you should believe in caring for yourself and for the body that allows you the ability to accomplish all of your daily tasks. Give yourself a break and promise yourself a moment to unwind.


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