short story


She wore a gray blazer lined with a pink silk–she was growing.  Her breasts in between sizes, stomach thinning and her legs still too small for the pant sizes she owned.  She preferred wearing shorts for that reason.

On many occasions she carried around a camera–her Nikon was preferred.  She loved taking film photographs.  Chronicling the lives of her friends and nearly every second of her own.  Mostly she cared more for things than she wanted to.  When she wasn’t smiling she was trying to.  She was a crier but embraced it acknowledging her feelings and the feelings of those around her.

Forever she’s loved music.  More recently she shuffles between Paolo Nutini songs: his version of “Last Request” live and the song “Candy”.  Now she sits typing, in a dim room looking out into the dark at the rain.  She is me.  This is a blog about my life, things I see and how I experience them.


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